How to reach Andaman from Bangalore?

The most convenient and fastest way to reach Andaman is by boarding a direct flight to Port Blair. Other ways to arrive at the Islands are by sea route and through road. Since Andaman and Nicobar is a group of Islands, you are not going to find direct roadways or rail networks taking you to the preferred destination. So the most recommended mode of travel to arrive at the islands is by flight. Currently, 6 Indigo flights are plying between these destinations. Therefore, it could be much easier for you to book your flight tickets to Andaman rather than relying on any other modes of travel.

As mentioned above, when flying from Bangalore to Port Blair, you would most probably take 2 hours and 40 minutes. When travelling by train, you may first arrive at Chennai via Perambur and Royapuram. And on reaching Chennai, you may board a ferry to Port Blair sparing 2 days and 12 hours. However, they will only be available once a week. Furthermore, you also have got the option to make up to Chennai by roadways and then catching this ferry. Again that too will spare your 18 hours and 15 minutes to commute by bus up to Chennai.

Information about the Flight Tickets from Bangalore to Port Blair

Boarding a direct flight to Andaman from Bangalore is the most appropriate mode of travel. Currently, GoAir and Indigo are the two airline companies that offer direct flights to Andaman. By flying so, it would take 2 hours 35 minutes and 2 hours 10 minutes respectively. Meanwhile, other Airline companies such as Air India, SpiceJet and Vistara will be having a layover, making your air travel longer. Henceforth, it is always recommended to book direct flight tickets to Andaman, rather than the ones having layovers. In a week, there will be 3 flights that are plying in between Bangalore (BLR) to Port Blair (IXZ).

Moreover, if you are relying on Andaman tour packages with the inclusion of flight charges, we will be arranging your most appropriate direct flights without any time lags. So with that saved time, you could go for a more elaborate tour at the Andaman Islands. Therefore, following such a step will be always advised if you are on a honeymoon trip to the Islands. Even otherwise, when booking flights having a layover in other bigger Indian cities will incur extra charges unnecessarily. And if that is during peak seasons, it would turn out to be even more difficult to procure the tickets for Andaman.

Places Awaiting you in Port Blair

Port Blair: Port Blair offers various beaches and islands. It houses Ross Island, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, Cellular jail, Wandoor Beach, Mount Harriet a bird sanctuary. The beaches in Port Blair are also known for their water activities like scuba diving, sea kart, snorkeling, semi-submarine and jet skiing. They offer the best deals to explore the sea creatures. Jolly Buoy is a master piece in Andaman. It is an island close to Port Blair. This place gives an out of the world experience.

Havelock: Havelock is one of the largest islands. It is known for its best beaches all across Asia. The beach life across in Havelock is a must-visit. The water sports in Havelock are an altogether serene experience. The seafood in Havelock is cheap and must try. Havelock has about 7 beaches. Havelock beaches have better water sport activities. They offer banana boat rides, jet-skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more.

Neil Island: Neil Island is on the Bay of Bengal. It is popular for its coral reefs and dense tropical forests. It is a blend of forests and beaches. It is a perfect place for nature’s beauty to come together. It is a small beach. The coral reefs can be seen in the Bharatpur Beach. Trek through the tropical dense forests is possible.

Bartang Island: Baratang Island is worth the visit. It is a long journey to Baratang. It is a small island of caves. They offer limestone caves. Dense forests and mangrove creeks can be widely seen here. They have mud volcanoes. If you want a chaotic free place to visit the Baratang is all you need. The place also offer adventures of boating across the mangrove creeks and the best food at very cheap prices.

Digilpur: Digilpur Island vastly covers greenery and sea life. This is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Andaman. Digilpur Beach, Saddle Peak View Resort and Saddle Peak National Park are best tourist places in Digilpur. You can explore beaches along side hills here.

Is Andaman safe to be visited after the outbreak of the Covid-19 Virus?

Yes, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are completely safe to be toured, lest you are strictly following the health protocols put forward by the government. Most of the tourist places of the islands had regulated the visiting hours as per the governmental orders, so is the case with limiting the number of tourists allowed in these public places. After the strict lockdown, tourism and its prominent destinations had opened after the 27th of September, 2020. So you do not have to think twice to book your Andaman tour package for your very next vacation. As with the lesser number of tourists visiting the islands, post the pandemic, most of the services provided here can be availed at lower rates. Besides that, you are also going to spot a lesser number of tourists in the destination. Hence, it is the best time for the newlyweds to plan their honeymoon.

So, now you only need to be concerned about the extra charge you may have to incur while booking your flight tickets to Andaman in peak season. Anyhow, now that you had decided to visit the islands, you will be compelled to follow the Covid 19 protocols publicized by the health department of Andaman Islands. It will include social distancing, the mandatory wearing of face masks and carrying a portable sanitiser. At any intervals of your travel, if you are feeling any form of health issues, you may feel free to call Covid 19 helpline number ‘1075’ or ‘011-23978046’.

Important Covid-19 Regulations in Andaman for Tourists

Much like the tourist destinations in any other parts of the globe, tourist spots of the Andaman Islands have reopened, but with various strict protocols. It includes wearing face masks every time you venture out to the public and carrying a personal sanitiser. While arriving at Port Blair, the personnel employed in the Airport will be checking your Negative Covid test report. They usually inquire about the RTPCR test reports from any labs approved by ICMR. You must also ensure that they are not taken 48 hours before your travel, as they will be invalid. So you may think of taking the required Covid tests after booking your flight tickets to Andaman.

Meanwhile, if you had tested positive at any times of your travel or your arrival, you will be suggested to go for institutional quarantine or stay in a hotel of your choice at your expense. However, it will only be on a doctor’s recommendation that you will be allowed to stay in a hotel. Also, for that, you must be below 60 years of age. If you have more queries on these issues, you may feel free to ask us. Moreover, you may ensure that no crowds are formed by you in the tourist places that you visit.

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