What’s Special in Andaman?

Andaman is indeed a different world where every one of those beaches would look heavenly and at the same time, there are dense rainforests in this tropical paradise. So while you are visiting them with any tour packages, you will get to find the answer to the question why do you really need to check out such a travel pack. But before that, let us try to know about some of them. Other than the beaches, Andaman houses various natural wonders that can be seen nowhere else in the country. One of its best examples is that of mud volcanoes in Baratang. If that is not exciting enough for you to plan your trip to Andaman, then there are Limestone Caves, Parrot Island, Barren Island and lots more!

Tourists could explore them to their fullest throughout the year, as the weather conditions are just perfect to make your very next expedition to these exotic islands. Other than the monsoon season, when the sea is rough, you could indulge in those exhilarating water sports activities while you are holidaying here. The underwater marvels could be explored by these water sports activities to their fullest. If these are not enough for you, you could even venture out to the southernmost point of the archipelago at Indira Point. Furthermore, you would be shocked to know there are even a couple of cascading falls situated to the interior parts of these islands, at their tropical rainforest.

The diverse range of flora and fauna that these islands do possess are protected at various national parks and biosphere reserves. Stopover at them to get astonished by observing the endemic species to which these islands are home. In fact, some of its entire islands are included in Marine National Park. You may prefer to opt for a guided tour, to explore them more keenly.

Bucket-list Places to be ventured out during Your Enchanting Andaman Trip

Port Blair: Unlike other capitals of the country, Port Blair is not that crowded city with no places to hang around. Instead, they had got some serene beaches, green spaces, historical monuments, and even national parks! Without traversing much from the city, you could drop into Ross Island, which is an abandoned island that used to be the capital of British India. The serene North Bay Island and Jolly Buoy Island is not far from Port Blair, so you may plan for a day trip to them to explore the underwater marvels.

Havelock Island: It could be considered the most happening island of the archipelago. Among its alluring beaches, the much talked about one is Radhanagar Beach. The beauty of the sunsets witnessed from this white-sanded beachside cannot be expressed in words. Elephant Beach and Kalapathar Beach are the other spots to be tried visiting on this trip. Water sports activities too can be tried out on these beaches.

Neil Island: They are yet another charming spot to be toured during your Andaman expedition. The iconic rock formation known as Natural Bridge is situated in Laxmanpur Beach of Neil Island. Other than that, if you are cycling around this small island, the gorgeous sights of green paddy fields can be viewed. Tourists who love to swim should not miss visiting Bharatpur Beach. Its Sitapur Beach is known as Sunrise Beach of Andaman.

Bartang Island: Baratang is different from all other places of Andaman, as they are quite rustic with a sizable amount of mangrove vegetation. A million-year-old limestone cave and mud volcanoes can be found here. The latter is only one of its kinds in the entire country. Tourists could get to kayak and trek amid the marshy locations to arrive at these mysterious caves.

Digilpur: Being situated in North Andaman, around 300 km from Port Blair, Diglipur is not that explored and touristy. The thing that makes these regions preferable is the beaches that are nesting grounds for sea turtles. The sandbar amid Ross and Smith Island is the next exciting place to be toured. Additionally, the highest peak of Andaman, Saddle Peak is located in Diglipur.

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