Our Privacy Policy

For availing our services, our customers need to provide their contact details such as the names, addresses and contact numbers. Urtripadvisor, being a trusted travel firm is very particular about protecting the personal details shared with us. We truly make sure that the given details are not misused and hence we do value your privacy in all respects.

Personal Details that We Gather

Unless we acquire our customer's approval, we will not be sharing your personal information that is sensitive or confidential. Moreover, the sort of information that we collect when you are up to making any enquiry, booking or while signing up the website, as are follows:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email Id
  • Age
  • Any other contact details

Given below are the crucial situations when we enquire for your personal details.

For booking a package: The personal information that you had shared with us will be utilized for the purposes such as reserving train tickets, booking hotels, booking flight tickets, sharing with bus service providers etc.

For sending sales promotions: We would be informing you about our company's promotional offers. For this, we will be making use of some of the personal information you had given to us. It would include your email Id and contact number. Provided that, you do not wish to know about our discounts, then you could merely unsubscribe us in order to block our promotional emails.


They are basically made use of for hassle-free access to our website, from your very next visit. Furthermore, for the purposes such as enhancing the services for our clients and providing them with personalized details, we do rely on collecting cookies.

Does our website have embedded content?

Just like every other website, blog or any other write up posted on this website may at times, would also comprise of a few embedded images, videos or contents from other websites. And if you had logged in to those websites, they may make use of your data, may use cookies and keep an eye on your interaction.

What rights we will have over your personal information?

Our customers could receive files consisting of the data that they had submitted to us. It could be when you had left any comments previously or while they had signed up on the website. Expect the information that we need to be saved for any security requirements or those we are supposed to retain legally, which we could wipe out completely.

What is the duration of our access to your information?

The comments that you had posted on our website will be saved by us, predominantly the data entered by our registered users. After which we could gain access to recognize and track those comments on a regular basis. Besides the fact that the termination or alteration of username is not entertained, users could be able to edit, see or eliminate their data at any moment.

Privacy Policy Assurances

At all points of the time, the privacy of our customers will be valued. So we could guarantee you that the date you had shared with us will be protected at any cost. Some of the assurances that we are providing to our customers include:

  • The information that is submitted by the customer to the website will be inevitably protected.
  • In order to provide a noticeable service to the customers, at least some date will be required to collect.
  • If our customers are getting inquisitive to any reputed firms, we could share the customer information exclusively with them. Nonetheless, later on, their take and use of these data are not answerable to us.
  • As previously stated in the disclosure and agreement, we will be obliged to submit some of your basic data to book accommodation and travel requirements.

Policy Changes

The update regarding our policy changes will be released on our website, whenever we change them, as these policies are subject to be modified once and a while. So you will be advised to keep a note of them from time to time. Anyhow, in the absence of your consent, we will not be making use of your personal details, though we are altering the privacy policy at times.