Information regarding Reservations

As you had decided to travel with us and explore these exotic islands, initially you may opt for the tour package that could satisfy your preferences. Then you may inform the dates that you are planning to travel to our consultants.

Later on, you will receive a secure link via the mail sent by our tour consultant. Through this link, you could do your initial payment. Once you are done up with your payment, your booking could be confirmed, by making your booking status active. An additional charge of 2.5% of the total amount will be incurred if you are paying through debit or credit cards. For paying the balance amount, you may opt for DDs, online transfer, net banking, debit/credit cards or even cash.

Subsequently, from the list of accommodations that our consultant does show you, you may pick out the one that is most suitable for you. We could also suggest to you the best options, as hotel pre-booking and its availability play a crucial role in your Andaman trip.

Details regarding your cabs that will pick you up from the airport or railway station will be notified to you, at least 24 hours before your arrival. These cabs will also be dropping you at the pre-booked hotel. We at Urtripadvisor welcome every sort of recommendation and suggestion that may help you have the best travel experience possible. Therefore, such important details regarding your trip to make it worthy and enjoyable will be provided to you beforehand.

Modifications for Cancellation Policy

Amendment: You may feel free to ask for any changes you need to make in your hotel bookings, as you will not be charged extra for such a service. But you need to make a note of the booking policies of that particular hotel. Also, on those programmes that were added lately to your travel itinerary, additional charges could be imposed.

Policies on Cancellations: In the situations such as postponing or cancellations of your trips because of any unavoidable situations, you will be obliged to inform us through mails. A minimum amount of 1000 rupees will be credited back to your account as a refund therein. For this, you could avoid the customer-friendly refund policy of the company.

Refund Policies

Our refund policies are plainly customer-centric. Therefore, the sooner you apply for, the more money you are going to be refunded. You would be recommended to notify us as soon as possible. For instance, you could get 80% of the total amount if you are cancelling your trip 30 or more days before your decided dates. When the customers are backing off from the holiday at least 8 to 29 days before the original travel date, they would receive half of the amount they had paid. Meanwhile, if you are informed before one week of the travel, you are not going to avail of the refund.

Time Taken for Refund

As soon as we receive your cancellation mail, we will be processing your cancellation and initiating your refund. To receive your refund, it would take around 14 working days to process them.

The company is liable to refund the cash received as an advance from the customers as they had not been used. It would be processed at the time of any unexpected circumstances. We will be making all efforts so that you are getting the maximum amount as a refund. Nonetheless, we will not be answerable to avail all full amounts as various other service vendors such as cruises, cabs, hotels and other amenities too are involved.

Cancellation Policy Owing to COVID-19 Pandemic

For a period of one year, airline companies could produce credit shells from the charges attributed for their cancellations, as per their policy. One must also note that these flight cancellations are done on account of the pandemic or such serious situations. For instance, you will be refunded around 80% of flight booking charges on cancellations of valid reasons. However, your flight charges should be a minimum amount of 10000 INR. Also, this refunded amount will be added to your credit shell, which can be made use of while booking your flight tickets again. Nonetheless, this addition to the credit shell will not apply from December 15th to January 15th and from February 5th to February 20th, which is considered as the peak season.