Whoop It Up in the Andaman Sea

Sway the nature like never before as you are the tropical paradise with varied exciting things to do. The serene ambience of these sun-kissed beaches would blow your mind away. So bestir yourselves to get engaged in nerve-wracking water sports activities. What you perceive above the surface waters of Andaman is just the tip of an iceberg. The underwater marvels of this ocean water are abundant and worthy enough to be dived and explored. Elaborated below are a few of the most notable water sports that should never be skipped if you have got some daring plans to do, here in the magical Andaman.

Unmissable Water Sports Activities to Try Out in Andaman

Sea Walking

The entire idea of walking through the ocean floors like that of a marine creature will sound overwhelming to many of you. Even then, you could make that happen since you are holidaying in a wonderland called Andaman. Much different from Scuba Diving, you do not need to be a swimmer to get indulged in this thrilling activity. You would merely be adorning a headgear with oxygen cylinders. The underwater excellence could be experienced to its fullest without the need to balance. If possible, get your sea-walking in Andaman recorded in video footage so that you can reminiscent this wonderful experience forever.

You will be taken to the sea by a speed boat and halted at a point where these splendid creatures are most commonly spotted. Then through the crystal clear ocean waters, the walkers will get to explore the stunning underwater species at close quarters. Adorable fishes will be swimming along with you. Since there are a lot of service providers to offer sea-walking sessions in Andaman, you may go for the one at better prices and has been hired by an amiable yet gentle certified instructor. The best places in Andaman to get engaged in sea walking are spread around Havelock Island and North Bay Island.

Scuba Diving

The rich marine life inhabiting the Andaman Sea, make Scuba diving a worthy activity to be indulged in. Thanks to the higher transparency rate of ocean waters here. Andaman is one of the best Scuba diving spots in the entire country. In fact, it is one among the many reasons that water enthusiasts and divers from all across the globe throng to this distant archipelago. The vibrant fishes, magnificent coral reef formations, sea dwellers and other marine species endemic to these exotic islands would offer the diverse and fascinating visual treat.

Get enticed at each of those locations, as they are different from one another with varied kinds of creatures that you get to perceive. The most preferred scuba diving spots spread across Andaman are Mac Point in Havelock Island, Barracuda City, Aquarium, North Bay Island and plenty others. At many of these points, sea-dwellers would plunge out all of a sudden to astonish you, besides the stunning view of untouched corals and other rare species. Avail of the services offered by the best providers, so that you will be accompanied by a certified PADI instructor, air cylinders, wetsuits, regulator, high-quality mask and diving fins.


Now, high up the sky, you are going to have your adrenaline rush. Parasailing is indeed a different version of surfing through the surface waters. At the Andaman Islands, various services providers are offering this stirring activity to water enthusiasts. If speed and the majestic view of the azure waters are electrifying you, then you may go parasailing at the Andaman Sea! You are going to feel no less of a seabird, flying across these turquoise blue ocean waters for long distances.

Unlike all other exhilarating water sports activities elaborated here, Parasailing is more of thrilling activity. And those who love speed are going to love this. You will be pulled over by a strong string at the back of a speed boat after wandering around the clear blue sky for some time. By that time, you could have a breath-taking view of the Andaman from the sky. And before concluding your ride, your string will be lowered, so that with every dip in the gushing water, you will be bouncing back to the air. Now, you will turn out to be a fun-filled deed.


You could get close to those adorable fishes, even when they are in low tide or by the absence of heavy apparatuses. Well, we are talking about nothing else than Snorkelling. This will turn out to be a wiser choice for those tourists who might not be interested to dive or fearing to go deep into the waters, yet they could explore this sumptuous part of the sea. The greatest boon of Snorkelling in Andaman is that even the shallow ocean waters too are quite transparent and the rich marine biodiversity makes the entire experience worthy of it. Just grab a snorkel and dive into the ocean and get enticed by the stunning views beneath the surface waters.

To make it rather clear, Snorkelling is nothing less exciting than Scuba Diving. Yet you could opt them for the affordable prices they are being charged when compared with the much talked about scuba diving. Anyhow, you will inevitably enjoy being in this densely populated ecosystem of diverse kinds of marine creatures including corals. Try this out by the serene shorelines of Havelock Island such as Elephant Beach and Radhanagar Beach. Heading out to the more pristine Red Skin Island and North Bay Island for snorkelling will not disappoint you.